Sandbach & District

Bowling League


Competition Dates for 2020


Vic Cooke Memorial Trophy Dates

Monday 20th April                   Prelim. & 1st round
Monday 11th May                      Remainder of First Round
Monday 15th June                   Second Round
Thursday 16th July                  Third Round
Thursday 6th August            Fourth Round
Thursday 3rd September       Semi-Final

Monday 28th September        FINAL 

Presidents Date

2020 Entry required  

Closing date of Entries - 26th June 2020       ***
***     FINAL Sunday 26th July 2020
Merit Dates (Closing date of Entries - 24th July 2020)

Sunday 16th August 2020 11:00am Start   (One day Competition)
Pairs     (Closing date of Entries - 31st July 2020)   

Sunday 6th September 2020 11:00am Start   (One day Competition)

Junior Merit (Closing date of Entries - 14th June 2020)

Sunday 5th July 2020 11:00am Start      


League Qualifiers for Cheshire CBA

Cheshire County Merit Qualifier (Closing date of Entries - 29th April 2020 )

Saturday 16th May 2020 10:30am Start       Qualifying Rounds